Parsi New Year: “Pateti” celebration

Parsi New Year: “Pateti” celebrated #ImpetusKids. Pateti, also known as Navroz, is celebrated on the eve of Parsi New Year. People wear new clothes; decorate their houses with colorful flowers and rangolis. This festival signifies that it is the time to forget and forgive wrongs and sins of the year gone by and start a new year of love and peace.

On this day, Parsi families exchange gifts, sweets and greet each other. Children learned about the Indian festival, its importance, and its significance. It is beneficial for their social, intellectual, and moral development. Here are some pictures of our children enjoying activities. (Budding, Blossoming, and Flourishing)


event location

At impetus

event Date & Time

August 17, 2019
09:00AM - 11:00AM


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