Who We Are

Our Little Story

The concept of a playschool with a difference was visualized somewhere in 2016. And finally, Impetus was launched in August 2017 by a group of seven very different people from very different walks of life. Their founding relationship rooted way back in their schooling days when they were all classmates, and that undoubtedly brought in a lot of purity in their relationship and rapport which goes way beyond the monetary aspects of the venture they undertook. Their experiences and share of the fun associated with schooling together, not knowing back then that someday in future they might end up together and form a joint venture, helped conceptualizing Impetus.

As they say, Change is the Law of the Nature!

Another group of enthusiasts, a doctor couple, took charge of Impetus in May 2022 to bring in more energy and fresh ideas for overall development of very young minds. Pre-schoolers learn “pre-skills,” which lay the groundwork for the future. We are a firm believer of what Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” This is the Mantra that we are following at Impetus for empowering children and unlocking their potential with love and care by involving them in different types of activities.

The fairy-tale continues… WELCOME ABOARD!

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We follow Values-Based Education System!

We believe that the motivation behind any will to succeed, to do good & be a responsible citizen of the world is deep-rooted in Values. If we stimulate the right set of values at a nascent stage of mind & then nurture them, we would be putting our best foot forward.

We look forward to “Values-based” upbringing. The idea is that by the time your ward sails out from Impetus Kids, he/she should have the basic knowledge & awareness of all of our carefully chosen values, be able to explain these & should have practiced all of these at a regular & continuous basis. At the end, people interacting with these individual tots shall be able to clearly identify that child with at least a few of these values.

We see this as a first of it’s kind of system not found being run at any of the tops, foremost, leading or any premier kindergarten schools at Nagpur.

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