We at Impetus Kids completely understand the dilemma each working couple faces. It’s a hard choice – pursuing your dreams, working hard for a secure future for self & the kid in which case you may have to take a decision of keeping your kid at a place other than home with people not belonging to the family OR letting go the career and better lifestyle aspirations in which case you are stuck at home for at least first 6-7 yrs of the kid’s age before he can be independent. Moreover, once independent, the kids don’t need you that much & you don’t have a career that you have been developing.

How about you allowing us to provide you with a perfect solution to this problem! 

Firstly, we have a child-friendly infrastructure which will be readily loved by any child for sure. 

Secondly, we have a very homely and loving person taking care of the child, playing and educating the child at the same time. A helper staff taking care of the cleanliness & hygiene at all times. 

And last but surely not the least, we provide you with Live CCTV coverage of your kid! So whilst you are away for work, you can just have a peep at how your loved one is doing at the Center! 

Wouldn’t that be great & more than enough to trust us with your loved one?

Moreover, we will be handing you a report detailing how the day has been for your ward! 

Enroll now!